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This client-based PC game is a bold mix of genres never mixed up like this before.

It all started with a combination of casual strategy, adventure, puzzles, and hidden objects in the original Totem Tribe.
With this new installment we are adding RPG elements into the mix, making strategy elements more serious, and finally bringing all of this into a massively multiplayer persistent game world. Sounds crazy enough? Read on!

And if all those different game genres were not enough we are also going to do something brave with the setting. You start with a primitive tribe making their first village in the Stone Age but through research and development you can reach more advanced ages like Classical Age, Renaissance, Industrialization and finally Space Age (there are 9 different ages planned)!  A picture of primitive tribesmen throwing stones at flying saucers would be quite possible. You are not obligated to do it though, if you want to play a nomadic horde that beats others by outnumbering - it is a viable choice too!


TOTEM_TRIBE_2_INSTALLER_=t50b13247c25a82ab==qumaron_4=.exe 4 MB

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